• Mision & Vision

    A solid flange design, professional pre-assembly and the correct tension in the bolts are essential for a safe flange connection. The tensions in the bolts provide the necessary packing pressure for a tight and safe flange connection. The core of our work is the controlled tensioning of the bolts to the required preload.

    Due to more attention to external safety and the environment, the demand for safe flange connections will continuously increase. As a result, the demand for Flange Management over the service life of flange connections will increase sharply.

    GAP International Pipeline Projects stands for knowledge, craftsmanship, quality and safety and aims to be a leading and market leader in clamping methods and bolt control techniques for safe flange connections.

    Care for safety and the environment is our motivation; it is the core of our services and guides all our actions. We want to be involved in our community. That is why we will continue to support local cultural and sporting activities.